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Welcome to IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship. Our mission is to empower individuals to reach their full potential. With our qualified and experienced staff, we provide personalized coaching and mentorship services. Our personal approach ensures that we tailor our programs to meet your unique needs. Get ready to ignite your life and achieve success with our inspiration approach. Let's start your journey together.

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

Our Founder and CEO

Dr. O has an affinity for learning and helping others. He has mentored and coached for almost 20 years throughout his career in an official and unofficial capacity. He has also coached and mentored countless during and after his academic journey. He continues to receive praise for his efforts as he continues to receive repeat clients and mentees.

Dr. O has over 25 plus years of accounting, audit, and financial management experience within the federal government: 13 years as a uniformed member of the USAF, five years as a contractor for the USAF, and seven years as a federal government employee in the Marine Corps, VA, Army, and Navy. 

The oldest of 11 siblings and growing up poor in the lowest socioeconomic class, he understands the value of hard work and uses his upbringing to help reach those struggling with life. His drive and determination were partly built on wanting others to see that your yesterday does not have to be your tomorrow.

His educational background includes an associate degree in financial management, a bachelor’s degree in business, a bachelor’s degree in information technology, a master’s degree in information technology, a master’s degree in psychology, and a Ph.D. in psychology. After completing a 9-month DoD executive leadership course and a 2-month residency with HQ Army USFJ Japan, he also has an executive leadership certificate.

His varied background allows him to communicate effectively and help many right where they are. His academic background, combined with his lived experiences, has created a dynamic force in the life coaching and mentoring arena.


Dr. O enjoys traveling abroad, scuba diving, working out, watching football, and spending time with family.

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship