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Welcome to IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship. At IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship, we help ignite change, unlock potential, and inspire growth through coaching and mentorship. Following our founder and CEO’s philosophy embedded in psychology, our certified life coaches and mentors help you ignite your life and achieve success with our inspirational and individualized approach.  

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship
IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission:

Igniting change, unlocking potential, and inspiring growth through coaching and mentorship for people in various categories or areas, such as relationships, personal development, mental health and well-being, teen-adulthood life transition, eating disorders, academic and business coaching, and those needing motivation.

Our Vision:

Our certified life coaches and mentors help you empower your life through transformative guidance and support. We aim to tailor our programs to meet your unique needs and help Ignite your life while achieving success.

Our Values:

We understand it takes diverse backgrounds and experiences to help, as we are all different. We take pride in leveraging our diverse backgrounds and experiences, such as former active duty military, single parent, trouble with the law as a youth, homelessness, and bad decision-making, to accept you as you are, right where you are. 

What you see is based on how you see.

Dr. Mike Ogburn

(Founder and CEO)


IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

Life Coaching

Here at IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship, we help you dive deep into your thoughts and beliefs to help you understand the variables or obstacles standing in the way of your success and well-being. While we are the experts and help bring clarity to your life, it is your life, and you make all the final decisions.

Our company uses a life coaching lens to address life requirements for all ages, stages, and ambitions. We understand that each person has different needs, insecurities, self-doubt, fears, and worries. We aim to help you unlock your potential and help you take control of your life. Let us help you define what success is to you and then upgrade your life through our “life” coaching services.

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship


Our mentors gained expertise through direct experience in a domain, situation, scenario, or professional environment. Like our life coaching services, our mentorship services result in positive psychological benefits. Let us match you up with a mentor who can guide, advise, and support you to increase your self-awareness and self-confidence while providing a different perspective from someone who has walked your path before.

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IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship


What our clients say

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

David Smith

I felt so empowered after my work with the life coaches; they undoubtedly helped me reach success.

IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

Dina Maro

The business coach was very knowledgeable and shared useful insights that have been game-changing for my career.
IGNITE: Life Coaching & Mentorship

William Brown

Working with a business coach gave me clarity and insight on how to best approach professional opportunities.